Where do I go?
I made 2 sections here for a reason:

UEFI bois

You can check the UEFI section for your work, read UEFI + GPT = BFF first then go to your actual installation section.

BIOS (Legacy) bois

You go the other Legacy section to get it working too.

Other sections:

Fix Clovy Clovy to Fix Clover
InS - QnA, a FAQ on some common issues.


Sources for this guide and credits:
    fusion71au for his guides and help
    InsanelyMac to host stuff
    Apple for their crappyexpensive laptops that made us hackintosh
    /u/CorpNewt for this gitbook space and some insight
    /r/Hackintosh Discord server, because why not?
This guide will be updated for more information later.
Last modified 2yr ago