2 Disks: Windows + Data + macOS

Some users may have a setup where they dedicate a disk for Windows another for data, and want to put macOS on the data drive.

To fix that, make sure that:

  • the DATA disk is GPT formatted, if not, convert it with gdisk

  • the DATA disk has a EFI partition:

    • if not, then create a 200MB (or a bit more) partition (it doesnt matter where it is)

    • format it as FAT32

    • set its flag as EFI System Partition (or EF00 in gdisk)

    • you can do that on diskpart by

      • resizing the existent partition, leaving a space where you will have macOS + EFI partition (>=61GB), then run in diskpart:

      • create partition efi size=200

      • format fs=fat32 quick label="EFI"

      • and that's it

  • the DATA disk has a partition formatted (NTFS/FAT32/whatever) that will receive macOS, Disk Utility in macOS does not play well with empty space.

  • Boot and install macOS on the target disk.


  • it doesnt matter where you install clover, be it on the windows disk's EFI (to make one EFI to rule them all) or the target's EFI (to separate them)

  • Some systems may limit the bootable drives options (especially on laptops, desktops can have it easy)