2 Disks: Windows + Data + macOS
Some users may have a setup where they dedicate a disk for Windows another for data, and want to put macOS on the data drive.
To fix that, make sure that:
    the DATA disk is GPT formatted, if not, convert it with gdisk
    the DATA disk has a EFI partition:
      if not, then create a 200MB (or a bit more) partition (it doesnt matter where it is)
      format it as FAT32
      set its flag as EFI System Partition (or EF00 in gdisk)
      you can do that on diskpart by
        resizing the existent partition, leaving a space where you will have macOS + EFI partition (>=61GB), then run in diskpart:
        create partition efi size=200
        format fs=fat32 quick label="EFI"
        and that's it
    the DATA disk has a partition formatted (NTFS/FAT32/whatever) that will receive macOS, Disk Utility in macOS does not play well with empty space.
    Boot and install macOS on the target disk.
    it doesnt matter where you install clover, be it on the windows disk's EFI (to make one EFI to rule them all) or the target's EFI (to separate them)
    Some systems may limit the bootable drives options (especially on laptops, desktops can have it easy)
Last modified 2yr ago
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